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Case Study

Billiejean from Biz Support

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Operating In Your Genius Zone Creates Outstanding Results

You can do anything you set your mind to!

While this popular saying is quite true, it doesn’t mean that it is sensible advice.

It might be a motivating thing to say, but trying to do everything yourself can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

Especially if you are operating outside of your genius zone, ie. the things you are really good at.

The solution? To ensure you remain working in your genius zone and outsource everything that falls outside of that.

This is what Billiejean from Biz Support did when she started working with the Markezing team recently. And, she has seen great results. Here’s her story.


Before: Time Poor and Lacking Inquiry

Time is a precious business resource, one that is always short on supply for most business owners! Billiejean was no exception.

When I first came to Markezing, I didn’t have the time to put consistent effort into the marketing of my business. Because it wasn’t my zone of genius, I stayed away from advertising and other marketing methods.

And it showed. I got very little inquiry through my website. Most of my clients came to me through word of mouth. I didn’t really feel like my website portrayed what I did very well either.”



After: Consistency and Ease

When you are running a business, there’s enough to worry about. You don’t want to be stressing about how you are going to draw in new customers too!

“Shut the front door! I’m actually getting leads through my website which has never happened before!

I started working with Brad about 6 months ago. Markezing helped me redo my website and create a marketing plan through Hubspot. Now, I feel like my website actually portrays the message that I want it to portray. It speaks to the right kind of people and attracts them to work with me.

I’ve had more work come back from what Brad and his team have done than what I’ve spent with them. The spend to value ratio is fantastic!”



Operating In Your Genius Zone

“In business, it is important to focus on what you do best. And working with Brad’s team has allowed me to do that. I needed to stay in MY genius zone, so I wanted to employ someone who could work in THEIR genius zone.”

Staying in your genius zone can create great results for your business. It allows you to focus on the aspects that deliver great results for your clients and bring in a greater amount of revenue.

And using a system like Hubspot allows you to streamline everything from your website maintenance to your sales pipeline, and even implement your entire marketing strategy from one platform.

Since starting to work with Markezing, I’ve got more time to focus on my business and more inquiry coming in. And it’s the kind of inquiry I want too! I love the broad range of knowledge that the team has, I get information and support for SO MUCH stuff for my business. It is so helpful.

It felt scary to invest in my business, but the payoff has been worth it. The growth, exposure, connection and networking that being part of Markezing has produced is worth more than any money you would pay.

Working with Brad, Olivia and the rest of the team is so easy. I feel like I can contact them at any time with anything. They are so approachable and genuine. They are not precious in the way they do business and will bend over backwards to help.”


Want to stay in your zone of genius and leave the marketing to us?

Reach out to the Markezing team today and take your first step towards more time and more inquiry for your business.