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Lets Do This!


Specialists in Growth Marketing for Professional Services


You might wonder what makes us Growth Agency and Marketing specialists for Professional Services.

It’s because we run our own professional business, who have been successfully utilising inbound marketing and CRM to grow our own own practices for more than a decade. Now we want to share our knowledge and skills with you, so you can apply them to your own business.

Because we are in the industry too, you won’t have to waste time explaining the intricacies of yours to us. We talk your language, understand your challenges, and we’re experts at identifying opportunities for you to grow your business.




Our objective is to combine a professional approach with creative flair, and we’ll work with you to generate and develop creative marketing ideas that are right for your target audience. 


We listen to our clients and offer smart solutions for inbound content creation, design, web development, social media, marketing automation and strategic implementation.


Our priority is that your needs are met to your full satisfaction every time. We strive for effective and efficient communication, and we firmly believe in getting the job done on time and on budget.

Meet Our Team

Brad Golchin

Brad Golchin

Director & Founder of Markezing
Olivia hu

Olivia Hu

day dai

Hengyi Dai

Martech Specialist
kiki wang

Kiki Wang

Marketing Specialist


Chief Emotional Officer

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