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Why you need a marketing coaching program?

  • Are you a Bookkeeper or small business owner who want to do marketing yourself? 
  • But you don't have sufficient knowledge of marketing? 
  • Or no enough resources to hire a specialist?

With the help from our professional coaches you can have a guided tour to learn about marketing, and a group of self-motived peers to progress together!

What can you benefit from the program

  • Basic skills of how to do marketing for  your business (design your marketing strategy, Hubspot onboarding, website skills, email marketing, SEO, social media, etc)
  • Tailored marketing advice from coaches
  • Experience and sharing from industry peers

What's included in the program

  • Monthly marketing training: You will learn simple techniques to attract new clients, retain existing clients and stand out in todays digital world
  • Task assignment and to-dos to take you from planning through to campaign launches and beyond
  • FREE marketing resources/templates
  • Accountability buddies to work and study in a group to achieve together
  • Group calls once a month to get advice from the coach
  • Forums to ask questions and discuss marketing

Monthly subscription fee for the program: NZD 230 (GST included)


1st month courses overview:

The courses for the first month could help you better understand who’s your customer, what is marketing and why is it important to you.

  • Course 1: Build up a buyer persona

- Do you know who’s your business targeted buyers? Who are they? Do you know them well? 

- Understand your customers’ needs and goals, demographic features, interested and behavior can help you better design your marketing strategy

- In this course, our coach will walk you through how to build up a buyer persona for your business. 

  • Course 2: Customer journey
  • Course 3: Inbound marketing 
  • Course 4: Marketing automation tool - HubSpot (customer onboarding)


Courses structure overview:

- Understanding marketing basics (Build up a buyer persona, Customer journey,  Inbound marketing , Marketing analytics, etc)

- Marketing tool - Hubspot

- Email marketing 

- Social media  

- Website

- Blog


and more......


If you still have any questions about the coaching program, you can book a free consultation meeting with us to explore more. 

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